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Airline and Airport Representations:

LASeR’s long standing international experience in the air transport field is available to Customers, supporting them in building extensive business relationships throughout the airline business, by creating synergies and identifying creative opportunities for traffic growth and new markets development.

Using its network of international contacts and partners, LASeR can easily help you spread your wings. Services for airlines and airports include representation, marketing support, attendance to trade events and market research.
Whenever necessary LASeR will wear your hat, offering all its available expertise, support, know-how, and invaluable network of relationships.

Aircraft charters and ACMI/lease:

We can offer expert aviation consultancy services, offering advice in aircraft chartering and leasing, with specific emphasis on airline start-up projects.

Be them charter operations, dry, wet or damp lease solutions for ad hoc or repetitive flights, we can easily support your researches, benchmarking with what the market has to offer, providing a tailored and cost effective support approach to meet your every need.

Business, Marketing, Communication plans and Liaisoning services for Airlines and Airports:

Working alongside the Leadership Team of Companies, LASeR offers its long-standing expertise and experience to assist Customers in strategic planning and in creating long-term management tools.
In order to succeed Companies must define their strategic vision and values, then develop an identity and an organic development along a strategic path based on those vision and values.

LASeR will help you in the development of all what is needed to achieve your goals: Integrated Feasibility, Business and Marketing plans to support your new and start-up ideas; Communication plans to convey your message in the most effective way; Liaisoning support services with regulatory and governmental bodies to help getting to your aimed targets be them traffic rights or achieving slots, defining innovative ideas and finding products for inflight and catering services.

Technical expertise:

The latest addition among the services proposed by LASeR, is the offer of technical expertise in the fields of Quality and Safety auditing for ENAC (Italian CAA) APT02B certified organizations, as well as Part 145 and Part M, specifically offering the following:

  • Evaluation, through certified expertise, of the adequacy of the Civil Aviation Responsibility Insurance Cover (RCT) for obtaining and renewing ENAC APT02B certification;
  • Expert management in issuing, renewing and modifying ENAC/EASA/IATA corporate certifications;
  • Development and updating of audit check lists;
  • Planning and carrying out recurrent and extraordinary audits;
  • Corporate preparation and on-site support for audit to be performed by Certification/Regulatory Bodies and Customers;
  • IOSA Audit Preparation and De/Anti-icing Quality Control Pool (DAQCP);
  • Preparation of reports for periodic Management Review;
  • Management of suppliers qualification;
  • Management of staff qualifications;
  • Analysis of training requirements and needs, and constant monitoring of deadlines;
  • Delivery of courses on Aeronautical Education, Human Factors, De/Anti-icing;
  • Development, modification and updating of Company manuals and procedures;
  • Development and updating of Emergency Response Plan (ERP) manuals.
  • Preparation of aerial emergency simulations.
  • Technical investigations on incidents and aircraft accidents.

I.T. solutions:

At LASeR we constantly scan the market to find the best and most innovative IT solutions for our airport and airlines’ Customers, with the objective to use our expertise and skill to assist you achieving your business goals in the more efficient and cost-effective way in the domain of:

  • Passenger Service Systems;
  • Computerized Reservation Systems;
  • Crew Management tools;
  • Revenue Management tools;
  • Web Booking tools;
  • Innovative Airport Marketing tools;
  • Market Analyzer, Hub Optimizer and Market Evaluation and Symulator systems;
  • Airport traffic watch functionalities.

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