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About US

Luigi Vallero

Sole Administrator/Managing Director

holding a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin, Luigi has spent more than 27 years working with Aeritalia/Alenia S.p.A. and Meridiana fly S.p.A. Airlines, developing a broad knowledge of the many facets of the aerospace industry and airline operations, covering managerial rôles of increasing importance up to the executive position of Head of Fleet, Network Planning & Alliances.

His professional skills range from the implementation of effective strategies within the domains of Sales Business Development, Marketing, Re-organization, Procurement/Purchasing, Inflight/Catering services, Management of Commercial Networks, Operations, Regulatory and complex Business Negotiations, and he brought tangible results in growing the business’ profitability and revenues as well as in streamlining processes and reduce costs, always keeping an eye on the increasing competitiveness of domestic and international markets. Dynamism and flexibility, coupled with a passion for aviation and strong motivation, are the keys that drive Luigi. He is also a reputed and well known freelance journalist and photographer, specializing in aviation and air transport.

We offer quick and competent customer support:

Time is everything. Any opportunity needs to be evaluated in the shortest possible time or it might be no longer. LASeR will be proud to respond to Customers in the shortest possible time, keeping them continuously updated on every development.

A well proven experience:

Three decades of experience in the commercial air transport business dealing with industry leaders are the guarantee you’ll get the best possible results.

Relationships are paramount:

You, our Customer, are the most important thing to us. Honesty, integrity and reliability are the principles on which LASeR’s strengths are built, and we’ll go off our way to seek the perfect opportunity match for our Customers.